AKC® Trick Dog Class

It’s A Dog’s World K9 Academy is excited to announce the AKC® Trick Dog Class. Here’s a chance for you and your dog to learn a variety of fun tricks and behaviors while also earning an AKC® “Novice” or “Intermediate” Trick Dog Title. This 6-week class will introduce the following trick behaviors (other tricks and behaviors may also be included):

  • Shake paw
  • Spin in a circle
  • High Five
  • Bark on cue
  • Crawl
  • Jump through a hoop
  • Say prayers
  • Play Dead
  • Roll Over
  • Sit up on hind legs
  • Plus more!

To earn your Trick Dog Title, there will be a demonstration assessment test given by one of our AKC approved CGC Evaluators. The “Novice” test includes demonstration of 10 different tricks from a specified list. Participants who have already earned their CGC titles will demonstrate 5 tricks. Students wishing to earn the “Intermediate” level will demonstrate 10 additional tricks from a designated list. (Please note: Not all dogs may be able to accomplish all tricks that are taught)


The cost for our Trick Dog Class is $140

Length of Class:

6 Weeks

Age requirement:

6-months and older


“Novice” Level Class: Completion of Basic Obedience or equivalent (based on trainer evaluation)
“Intermediate” Level Class: Successful completion of the “Novice” Title


Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 11am

PLEASE NOTE: Dogs displaying aggressive behaviors are not permitted in Group Classes. If you are unsure whether your dog is an appropriate fit for our classes, we are happy to offer a Free/No Obligation Consultation at our facility to assess your pet and discuss your training options.