The following are testimonials from some of our happy dog owners!

OllieandJack-Garcia-pic(1)Before we took our two Shih-tzu puppies to It’s A Dog’s World, we weren’t even able to take them out on walks. They both wanted to go in different  directions, tangling up their leashes, barking at other dogs, people, cars, etc. They were out of control, and the walks weren’t enjoyable for any of us, dogs or people. They barked incessantly in the house, and were constantly getting in to trouble chewing, digging, jumping on people, and trying to  nip at us whenever we tried to play with them.

Although we’d had dogs before, this time we got two puppies from the  same litter at the same time. Not a good idea! We finally called our vet for help. She referred us to It’s A Dog’s World, saying she had experienced great results, as had other dog owners who worked there in the vet’s office.

After enrolling our puppies in the 3 week training session, they came home as completely different dogs! The dogs we could never take for a walk, were  complimented by various neighbors as “so well-behaved” and “so obedient” with “great manners!” As I looked around for other dogs, it finally  dawned on me that they were referring Ollie and Jack.

The other change we noticed right away was no barking! Where they had previously started up at any sound (another dog barking somewhere in the neighborhood, sirens on TV, random leaves falling from trees), now they sat quietly.  While these changes have definitely been great for us, the puppies now seem much happier and more secure. Knowing they no longer needed to be in charge has calmed them down, and greatly decreased or eliminated many of their old behavior problems.

We were very pleased with our experience at It’s A Dog’s World, and would highly recommend it to other dog owners who would like to truly enjoy their pets.


Fidelis & Steve Garcia
Program: In Kennel
Trainer: Karen Widaman, Owner

Pam and Chuck Tuey had come to us as their last resort. They were ready to put their German Shepherd mix Daisy to sleep after she bit someone.  The following is a testimonial of the dog’s progress and success in training.

“When our dog Daisy bit someone, we were devastated. Our daughter had rescued Daisy from a city park.  Daisy had always been wary, and had shown some unstable behavior prior to ‘the bite’.  We assumed she had been abused, and showed her lots of love.  I also took her to another trainer, but was so put off by the methods he used that we stopped going after 2 lessons.

tueyHaving a dangerous dog was simply something we could not allow.  I called various agencies and other trainers and they had all recommended the same thing, that I have her put to sleep.

I called It’s A Dog’s World and spoke to Liz regarding the situation.  She was the only one who offered me hope.  I took Daisy in for an evaluation.  What Liz told me totally changed my way of thinking.  She explained why the dog was acting the way she was, and helped me understand what I needed to do to provide a safe environment for visitors and Daisy.

I opted to leave Daisy (and her companion, Red dog) with It’s A Dog’s World K-9 Academy for in-kennel training.  I had no idea what to expect.  All of the staff were excellent at communicating with me during the 3 weeks the dogs were there.  When I picked the dogs up, I was surprised to hear from everyone how much they loved our dogs!  I was shown what they had learned, and how to continue to work with them.  About a week later the trainers came to the house and worked with us again, showing us more training techniques.  The last lesson was at the kennel.

What really impressed me about It’s A Dog’s World and the staff is that they took the time to personalize a program for me and my dogs.  I know that if I ever have a question or problem, that It’s A Dog’s World is just a phone call away.  And my dogs LOVE It’s A Dog’s World!

The changes in our dogs have been wonderful.  Because of the training, the dogs are much more a part of our lives.  When we take the dogs out for a walk, we invariably see a person who is getting pulled down the street by an out-of-control pooch!

Those people always look at our dogs and comment on how well behaved they are.

We smile & take a moment to give Thanks for Liz and the staff at It’s A Dog’s World.  They saved our dog’s life.”

Pam and Chuck Tuey
Program: In Kennel
Trainer: It’s A Dog’s World Staff

We have, and will continue to refer other owners and their dogs to It’s A Dog’s World. 
George and Kathy Bolte
Program: In Kennel

Dear It’s A Dog’s World and staff,

Glenn and I, and our three pups (Maya, Chloe and Rio) wanted to thank you, and particularly, Kathy, for our recent training experience through the City of Temecula. Attached is a photo of our clan.

To give you some background… in March we adopted a two (?) year old yellow lab “Rio” after he followed us home from a busy intersection in Temecula . When his owners failed to claim him, we went back to Animal Friends to adopt him. He got along so well with his Golden Retriever sisters, “Chloe and Maya”, and our friend’s chocolate lab, “Jonesy”, we felt he was the perfect match for our family.

At adoption, the vet mentioned to us, he might have been in a fight at some point, as he has a scar tissue from stitches deep inside his ear. In acclimating Rio to our neighborhood, we would find that he indeed acted aggressively when approaching other dogs on walks. In the past we have taken Chloe and Maya to training sessions in Temecula provided by your facility. In assessing Rio’s issues, we felt the structure of a class in a controlled environment would be an excellent way of introducing him properly to other dogs.

Rio recently participated in the series of classes conducted by Kathy in Temecula. We wanted to personally thank you, first, for allowing Chloe and Maya to join in several of these sessions. Not only did they benefit from the refresher, but their presence seemed to have a calming influence on their brother.

Lightner-dogsSecondly, we wanted to take a minute to let you know how phenomenal Kathy was to us and to our class. She gave Rio extra attention in dealing with his dog aggressive attitude before every class, and always welcomed any questions or concerns we had in class, and by email as well. During the classes, she made sure that every member and their pup got specialized attention. She also went out of her way to make sure that we all heard what she had to say, even though it often meant repeating herself,  while we  were off individually working out our issues. Kathy is an incredible asset to your company, and I would not hesitate to recommend her classes to anyone.

Again, thanks for the opportunity to participate in  “It’s a Dogs World” training, and to experience again, your staff’s dedication to improving the lives of our animal friends.

Janis & Glenn Lightner
Temecula, Ca

Program: Group Class
Trainer: Kathy

My name is Orville and my wife is Lynne. We are owned by MacGregor, an 8 year old, male West Highland White Terrier. We are both retired and we spend a lot of time with MacGregor.

MacGregor was badly in need of discipline, so much so that we thought we might not be able to keep him. We have been with him since he was six weeks old and he was like our child.

Our vet suggested that we get help from It’s A Dog’s World K-9 Academy, Inc™.
We enrolled him for 3 weeks of training with Karen and we were kept informed with his progress on a daily basis. At the end of 3 weeks, we were thrilled to see our little MacGregor with all his new skills. Needless to say we love him and we are grateful to Karen and It’s A Dog’s World K-9 Academy, Inc.™ for the positive changes he has made.
Orville and Lynne Bell

Program: In Kennel
Trainer: Karen

Two years ago, while serving as a New Jersey state prosecutor, my wife and I crossed paths with “Anthony”, a scrawny, bald, and likely abused Pit Bull puppy. A few neighborhood children living down the block from us had taken in Anthony, and even though he was only a few months old, the kids would have him out on the street corner all night long. When the children would leave him tied to a pole outside, we could hear his wails coming in our bedroom window until the wee hours of the morning. It was awful. After a few days, we finally convinced the children to give him to us so we could take him to the vet for necessary treatment. Unfortunately, before the kids could live up their end of the bargain, one of the mothers drove Anthony out to a junkyard and abandoned him.

Thankfully, three days later, Anthony turned up at a local animal shelter. Because of his health and his breed, the staff was hard pressed to not put him down. We adopted him on the spot. It didn’t take long to get the little guy healthy, but that was the easy part. Because of everything that he had been though, Anthony quickly manifested many different behavior problems: separation anxiety, protective barking, leash pulling, door crashing, chewing, doing his business inside even after being housebroken, etc. Quite simply, this puppy couldn’t be trusted for a minute. Needless to say, this puppy grew into a full grown behemoth before our eyes, and as he grew, so did his problems.

We relocated to Los Angeles along with Anthony and our other dog, Belle. Although Belle adjusted fine, Anthony’s problems remained. Not only did it put a strain on our individual lives, but our marriage as well. Finally a friend referred us to It’s A Dog’s World K-9 Academy, Inc.™. We were so burnt out that our first question was if anyone wanted to take him. We didn’t think for a moment that we would respond to the training. It’s A Dog’s World proved us wrong.

We left Anthony with them for a few weeks and returned to a different dog. Not only did he respond to his training, he seemed to enjoy it. Anthony finally found a way to channel his desire to please us through proper obedience. You could almost see a smile on his face while he adjusted like never before. As long as my wife and I keep up with his training, and positively reinforce everything that he has learned, he is a model canine.
Glenn Zipper and Anthony
Program: In Kennel

Dear Liz,

Just a note to thank you for the outstanding miracle you performed with our extremely large and overly hyperactive two – year –old Labrador, Chocolate Moose.  We were at our wits end by the time we called you due both to his extreme stubbornness and destructive nature.  In addition to our back yard resembling a war zone, we were extremely concerned that Moose’s wild nature might inadvertently hurt one of our kids or a neighbor.

Having experienced this side of Moose’s nature we found it hard to believe he might be transformed into an enjoyable pet.  In as much as it represented a real step of faith for us to believe you could achieve the goals you established, we are pleased to report that Moose has not only met every goal but in many cases exceeded them.

We are very much appreciated your style throughout the training program and are encouraged by the ongoing follow up service you’ve offered.  We truly enjoy Moose now and are pleased to say we finally consider him part of our family.  Thank you for giving us the pet we’ve always wanted.


Sue & Gary Baze
Program: In Kennel
Trainer: Liz

Tom and Danielle Flowers adopted a Labrador Mix named “Jordan”.  Inexplicitly, Jordan began showing signs of separation anxiety.  They enrolled in our private in home training classes to work on building Jordan’s confidence of being left alone.  At the end of our training we saw incredible improvement.  However, as is typical with most separation anxiety cases, we have experienced some set backs and the following is in reference to It’s A Dog’s World K-9 Academy’s continuing support.

“Thank you for all your time and caring support!  I don’t know what we would have done without you!  You have truly been a blessing!  I can’t express how much we appreciate all you have done!  You are absolutely wonderful at what you do! Take Care!”


Danielle, Tom & Jordie
Program: In Home Lessons
Trainer: Liz


Picture-264I just want to thank you for the time you worked with my puppy Lexi. Since she has become a more obedient dog she is a joy to take places. I appreciate all the follow up and training you provided so I could continue to work with her.I know training is a daily activity and she continues to grow.                                                                                                             

Ricki and Lexi
Program: In Kennel

DSC_5532Rizzo is a Pit Bull mix.  I love my dog, but she didn’t want to listen.  Before training, I had the following problems: unable to recall her, darting through open doors, pulling on the leash during our walks, and unable to enforce the stay command for any length of time.  All of these problems have been solved!  All the staff have been friendly and professional; A trainer even came to our house to see first hand Rizzo’s home and how she interacted in her home environment. I am most proud of my trainers’ ability to “embed” the commands into Rizzo’s new personality—even after the training. 

 Eugene Narcisso and Rizzo
 Program: In Kennel

Dearest Liz,

Pics-from-Mar-2008-144Thank you for all of your help over the past few months. Your wisdom and guidance have been invaluable. Training Humphrey has certainly proved to be challenging, but we’re finding our way thanks to you and your caring spirit. It’s been such a blessing to know that I’m not alone – that there is someone to turn to who can help. God certainly guided me to your website way back in December and I give great thanks! 

All the best, 

Lesly Fera and Humphrey

Program: In Kennel   
Trainer: Liz Reyes

 It’s A Dog’s World K-9 Academy, Inc. provides an amazing service that is worth every cent! The powerful human-dog companionship that is establishes via training will change you and your dog’s life forever.

It was certainly emotional to leave my K-9 friend, Ginger, at the facility for a month’s time without owner contact, however, upon our reunion and a few interactive sessions, I now have the confidence that I can go anywhere with an exceptionally well behaved dog; a 70 pound dominant pitbull/pointer mix to boot! With the skills that It’s A Dog’s World helped me and my dog to develop through a patient, professional and caring program, it is now so easy to grab the leash and go anywhere and amongst any crowd. This flexibility has enabled a quality of life and companionship that my dog deserves. I am so happy that I made a commitment to this important value and I thank all the amazing and talented staff at It’s A Dog’s World who facilitated our solid success in obedience training!

Stephanie Friedman and Ginger
Program: In Kennel

Glenda was very knowledgeable and was able to get her messages across in an easy to understand way.
Gloria Kelley and Murphy
Program: Intermediate Group                         
Trainer: Glenda

Happy-BuffI just wanted to say that my trainer was great. She didn’t make me feel bad about Buffy not getting along with other dogs and that Buffy is much more enjoyable to be around than before (not that she wasn’t already enjoyable). She listens so much more than before and isn’t jumping all over my friends anymore. My trainer gave great advice and was very patient with both my and Buffy’s anxiety and did a lot to put us both at ease.

My trainer seems to know a lot about dogs and was able to pick out methods that worked reallywell for Buffy. The difference in her behavior was evident after only one lesson. My friends and family have been in awe of the changes and have even said, “is that the same dog?!”

Thank you so much!!! I plan to bring Buffy back soon to continue working on her socialization. Thanks again!

Ginger Ammon and Buffy
Program: In Kennel     

Glenda was awesome. She makes you feel very comfortable and she is very knowledgeable.

Staci Mc Daniel
Program: Basic Group
Trainer: Glenda

I have been to a lot of training facility classes and with different instructors. This was the perfect brush up we needed and even though it is a distance away, we will bring our next puppy to you.

Kathy Smith
Program: In Home Lessons

Chris was terrific! She did a superb job with Noah – great match for Noah! We loved the programs!

Ami Shaw and Noah
Program: Private Lessons
Trainer: Chris

Chris was terrific – she showed how you can love and enjoy your dogs and still set boundaries and expectations.

Bev Davis
Program: Private Lessons
Trainer: Chris

happy-MottsI wasn’t sure what to expect at the beginning but it was a great experience for us and our dog Motts. He acts more mature and he behaves so much better. I can’t believe the change in such a short amount of time!

Elaine Drake with Motts
Program:In Kennel 

The following is a success story of a German Shepherd Dog that had been rescued by K-9 Connection. “Rollo” had been neglected and abandoned for a very long time. He was brought to us by K-9 Connection because he was about to euthanized by Animal Services. Animal Services had declared that he was too aggressive and therefore un-adoptable and should be euthanized. As a last ditch effort, K-9 Connection brought Rollo to us for training. For more information about K-9 Connection, a non-profit organization, please visit our links page.

Dear Liz and Staff,
I wanted to give you an update on Rollo. He is doing GREAT at his new home! His new owner has really kept at it with his training, and he now gets along with all of her dogs, and all the people and other dogs who visit! He runs all day, and has become her BEST DOG!!

It is the happiest story K-9 Connection has. And it is thanks to you and your staff’s diligent hard work. Thank you all, on behalf of Rollo, from K-9 Connection!
Katherine Beatty

Program: In Kennel
Trainer: Liz

“When you first decide to get a dog you think of all the things you can do with it: go to the dog park, have friends bring their dogs over, take long walks around the neighborhood, and play fetch. When we got Bailey we knew that we wanted a dog from the shelter because we wanted to do our part in rescuing animals. She was a little whimpering, whining, red Miniature Pinscher. I fell in love the minute I was able to hold her. I took her home and she was a ball of energy. Then she got really sick. She was not able to be around other dogs because of her illness and this set back her socialization. We thought we might lose her, but she pulled out of it. Once she got better, we knew we had a problem when we would take her for a walk and end up with bloody legs because she would nip at us whenever she saw other dogs. We tried to live with her issues for over a year, thinking that they would get better if she just had training. We had enrolled her in a group puppy class at the age of 6 months and then tried again with individual trainers (we tried two different trainers!) when she was a year old. Needless to say, neither training worked. She made very limited progress, and it was temporary. At that point we gave up on finding trainers that would make a difference and tried to do things on our own. We thought that if we got another dog maybe some of Bailey’s issues would be solved. So we found a male German Shepard mix at another shelter. Max was only 3 months when we brought him home and the minute Bailey saw him she attacked him. So now we had a serious dilemma. Max was the third dog Bailey had attacked in two years and we just couldn’t take it anymore. We knew that we could not handle Bailey on our own and we knew her issues needed to be handled as soon as possible. We found It’s A Dog’s World K-9 Academy, Inc online and decided to give it a try. Bailey was away from us for 4 weeks. It was a rough 4 weeks for us and we still had to determine if we were going to be able to keep Max. Karen worked with us extensively and she suggested bringing Max in for a week so she could work with the two dogs together. It was a success. Bailey and Max have learned to be around each other and even miss each other when they are separated for a few hours. It warms our heart to see Bailey playing with another dog. We have learned exactly how to handle Bailey around other dogs and no longer are afraid to walk her because Karen has given us the tools to feel confident with Bailey. We are truly thankful for everyone that was involved with Bailey’s progress. It’s A Dog’s World K-9 Academy, Inc. has changed our lives and we would gladly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their dog.”

Deanna Lizardo and Amy Lawton

Program: In Kennel   
Trainer: Karen

FrostyStarla“We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did with Frosty and Starla.  We have attempted other methods when dealing with our dogs’ behaviors, but your methods and advice have easily proven to be the most effective.  You demonstrated a genuine concern for our pets and instilled in us, as owners, a better understanding of the animals we care for so much.” 

Thank you, again!


Brian, Elena, Starla and Frosty Lavicoli                                  

Program: Private Lessons  
Trainer: Chris

Brooklyn“I just wanted to say thank you for all your patience and knowledge to help me understand and be patient with her. Brooklyn was a very special one because she survived being a bait dog for a fighting pit. She has a love of ALL dogs (especially small ones). She’s so gentle with them. She is still very high energy and runs with me everyday. She topped out at 90lbs, tall and lean though. She has a lot of herding instincts and great agility too. She’s fantastic off leash and has a great recall. Her favorite things are to be cuddled, brushed, squirted with the hose, dog cookies, car rides, playing in ANY water and hiking. Everybody who meets her falls in love, she is such a sweet soul.”

Thank you always,
Teresa & Brooklyn

Program: Group Class