Therapy Dog

Dog-kissing-woman-in-wheelc Therapy DogDoes your dog never fail to brighten up someone’s day? If you think your dog has what it takes to become a Therapy Dog then we can help train, evaluate and qualify you and your dog as therapy dog team. These teams give unconditional love, boost self-esteem and relieve loneliness and boredom.  Pet therapists are in great demand, and there is a serious shortage of therapy dogs.

Age Requirement
1 year of age at day of test

Length of Class
5 weeks

Basic Obedience (graduate or attending)

Please Note: Please fax proof of vaccinations (DHPPC, Bordetella, Rabies) BEFORE the first day of class to (909) 548 – 3154.


Private 1-Hour Lessons
Monday – Thursday 9am – 4pm                
Saturday – 10am – 2pm                          

The cost for our Therapy Dog class is $225 (full payment required before the start date).

*All dogs that have been adopted from an Animal Shelter or service dogs will receive a $10 discount (proof may be required).

registernow Therapy Dog

 Training Equipment

  • 6 foot leash
  • Training Pouch
  • Training Treats such as Natural Balance Rolls, Hot Dogs, String Cheese, Liver Bait, Jerky Treats
  • Training collar such as: martingale (check choke), Gentle Leader®, Easy Walk Harness (no metal collars)
  • Toys, brush for grooming exercise

We sell all the above items in our Pet Store.

 We encourage the use of treats and toys to make it fun!

Our Chino classes will be held outdoors on our large, fenced training field.  Our facility has restrooms and plenty of chairs.  Please dress comfortably!  We recommend dressing in layers and wearing comfortable shoes like Tennis shoes or hiking boots.