Old Dog

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” ~ Immanuel Kant

When it comes to dogs, there’s no denying that puppies have a tendency to steal the spotlight. And who can blame them? They can’t help it if they’re little balls of furry cuteness. Yet what many people discover as these fluffy balls of energy begin to grow into adulthood, is that an older dog is just as precious.

As a dogs age, their personalities start to even out and you begin to understand them more – and they begin to understand you. Gone are the days of incessant pulling on a leash, late night whining for cuddles, and (ideally) accidents in the house. As more time passes, another chapter between you and your pet begins – the golden years. This is arguably the most treasured stage of your relationship together, because you can look back at all of the ups and downs of your journey and find joy in the adventure.

Older dogs are truly a blessing, with wisdom and heart that will stay with you forever. In honor of our tried and true pets, we’re rounding up five reasons why older dogs are more than appreciated, they’re truly the best.

Beauty holds new meaning

As our dogs age, they start to change. Time begins to reveal the long life they’ve lived and the battle scars they earned along the way. Cloudy eyes, thinned fur, and various bumps start to appear. All of which should be considered beauty marks. Our older pets have been by your side through thick and thin, and lived to tell the tale. Their signs of aging are only reminders of your time spent together, and something to be celebrated.

Training is in the bag

Remember the constant attention your puppy/young adult canine required? With an older pet, the energy level comes down but the love elevates. They sit for a treat, nudge your foot when they need to go out, and can show off their tricks for a little in-house entertainment. They know the drill, and so do you – embrace this stage and the perks that come along with it.

An old dog can teach a young dog new tricks – or least keep them in line

For many older dogs, welcoming a new puppy into the house can be a good experience for all involved. The older dog can help the puppy learn what’s acceptable and what’s not, but the puppy can also help older dog to feel young again. This reciprocal relationship is a great aspect of owning multiple pets, and the older, wiser dog can help your new puppy learn the ropes.

Snuggling is a priority

The only thing bigger than a dog’s personality is his heart. This loyal friend has likely been snuggling with you from the start, but as he ages he’s likely spending more time at your feet and in your lap. Comfort becomes a priority for both of you, and treasure the time in this stage of your pup’s life.

You could save a life

Up to this point, our discussion on older dogs has revolved around a pet owned since puppyhood. Yet many people have experienced the joy of getting to know an older dog through adoption. People who adopt older pets are gaining a family member and arguably saving a life. We commend those who find love and connection with an older shelter dog that can bring beauty, comfort, and love into your life.